Enduring Power of Attorney

When you complete your Will, you have peace of mind that your estate will be managed according to your wishes. It’s equally important to have a plan in place for managing your estate during your lifetime if an unexpected or tragic event happens. Anyone can suffer from a serious injury or illness. You can plan ahead so that if you become unable to make your own financial decisions, someone you trust can handle your financial affairs for you. Without this advance planning, someone close to you will have to apply for a court order appointing a trustee for you.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document where you name one or more people you trust to make decisions about your finances and property if you lose the ability to make those decisions yourself due to injury or illness. The person(s) you choose to make those decisions are called your Attorney. It’s a good idea to also name someone as your alternate Attorney if your Attorney is unable or unwilling to handle those responsibilities.

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