Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") involves any method of settling disputes outside of the courtroom.  Two of the most common forms are arbitration and mediation.  ADR can save the parties to a dispute time and money, and may be particularly useful when parties have a relationship they want to preserve. Kelly Law provides the structure for all parties to engage in constructive discussions to promote problem-solving, conflict management and strategic planning.   
Our experienced team can offer support with your business and personal ADR

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Kelly Law specializes in a number of Real Estate services, and look forward to assisting our clients with their housing, property, and investment needs. We are committed to working alongside you to manage your real estate ventures and transactions, with transparency and efficiency. We also ensure that our clients are informed of the process, language and fine-print, to allow for your full involvement and peace of mind.   Contact us to learn more.

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By supporting our clients with comprehensive short-time and longer-term Estate Planning, Kelly Law excels with helping you understand and protect your interests, both personal and professional. By creating a personalized and defined plan for managing the preservation and the distribution of your assets - both during your life and upon your death - we will work with you to support all of your estate planning needs.  Let us help you with your Estate Planning needs.

Kelly Law understands that business opportunities demand honest and accurate assessments and recommendations. We pride ourselves on understanding your business needs and objectives, to support you with making an informed decision in a timely manner.  No matter the size of the opportunity or venture, we make your business needs our priority.
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